Internal Audit and SOX

Our internal audit department is engaged in internal auditing, risk management consulting, and risk surveys. The internal audit department additionally provides advisory in risk management, risk surveys, and assistance in review and implicating regulations such as SOX 404, SOX 302, and the Israeli SOX ("ISOX").

The department has clients from various sectors such as industrial, commercial, services, non profit organizations, financial funds, research and development companies, and more. Most of the audited organizations are leading Israeli and international companies with a complex organizational and operational structure.

The firm's internal audit services include:

  • Performance of internal audit according to an annual internal audit plan in accordance with the Internal Auditing Law, Corporate law, and the Israeli Security Authority's requirements
  • Mapping business processes and identifying potential risk areas in work processes
  • Risk assessments
  • Performing quality control and testing the existing controls in organizations
  • Assistance in implementation of internal control system
  • Writing work procedures
  • Testing and implementing regulations such as SOX 404, SOX 302, and the Israeli SOX ("ISOX")
  • Advisory to corporate management and audit committees
  • Investigative auditing and fraud prevention
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