Our Team


Shimon Yarel

Founder and Consultant

Shimon Yarel, founding partner of the firm, engaged since 1976 in a variety of specialties including audit of public companies traded in Israel and the United States, public entities and non-profit institutions, guidance and consultation for IPO’s on the stock exchange, supporting customers in negotiations with tax authorities, consultation with companies pursuing mergers and acquisitions, consultation with companies regarding internal control and SOX, writing expert opinions for court hearings and audit teams.

Shimon has completed graduate studies in economics and accounting at Tel Aviv University. He is active on professional committees of the Institute of CPAs in Israel, and a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors. Shimon is on the global BOARD of BKR International.

Contact: shimon@bkr-yarel.co.il



Moshe Lerech

Managing Partner

Moshe Lerech has a diverse background in internal audit, SOX, CFO and controlling services, audit of all business sector companies including private and public companies, tax consultation: personal and corporate taxes, audit of financial statements in accordance to IFRS, US GAAP, SEC, Israeli Security Authority's regulations, and managing audit teams. Moshe holds an MBA degree. He served as a controller in a publicly-traded company and worked as an audit manager in one of the leading accounting firms in Manhattan N.Y.  
Contact: Moshon@bkr-yarel.co.il


Alexandra Meron

Managing Partner

Alexandra Meron is in charge of the professional department of Yarel + Partners. She has a rich professional experience in audit of companies from all sectors including public companies, international companies, internal audit, taxation:  personal and corporate, audit of governmental institutions, municipalities, non-profit organizations, audit of financial statements in accordance to IFRS, US GAAP, SEC, Israeli Security Authority's regulations, and managing audit teams.
Contact: Alex@bkr-yarel.co.il


Avi Levy


Avi has extensive experience in accounting, outsourcing controller of high-tech companies, internal auditing, taxation of individuals and companies, representation of individuals and companies to the ITA & national insurance.

He has a BA in Business Administration and Accounting.

Avi is in charge of computing and computer applications. 

Avi is responsible for managing the payroll process, data security, development of technological interfacing between local payroll platforms to international platforms including ADP.

Conact: Avi@bkr-yarel.co.il


Marina Tsiterer


Marina is the head of the Israeli and international taxation division, and specializes in building trust and support of clients before tax authorities in Israel. 

Marina has a BA in Business Administration and Accounting from the Ono Academic College and a Master's in Law from Bar Ilan University. 

She has extensive knowledge in auditing and payroll services in various levels in commercial, industrial and high-tech services, audit firms and non-profit organizations and government SOX audit. 

Contact: MarinaT@bkr-yarel.co.il


Asher Ezra


Asher Ezra is the audit and internal audit manager. Asher has a diverse background in internal auditing, SOX, audit and compilation of public, private, governmental companies, and managing of audit teams. Asher served as the CFO and controller of publicly traded companies in many business sectors.
Contact: Asher@bkr-yarel.co.il


Dima Cochin

CPA & Senior Audit Manager

Dima has extensive experience in auditing, financial management and accounting for international corporations in Israel and abroad and has worked in a borad range of industries including public companies.

He has in depth experience consulting for international corporations, preparing business plans, value estimations, due diligence procedures, feasibility studies, company audits, reports for municiple councils, internal audits, SOX, labor law, compensation and tax regulations as well as reports for the securities and exchange commissions in Israel and abroad. 

Contact: Dima@bkr-yarel.co.il


Idan Bar Tor

Senior Economist

Idan Bar Tor is the senior partner in Yarel Management Services Limited. He specializes in individual and medium size companies' taxation and representation of clients before the tax authorities and social security. Idan provides accounting services to an Israeli Premier League football team including all required reports to the Budget Control Authority of the Israeli Football Association. Idan has vast experience in controlling and CFO services, auditing companies, and non-profit organizations.
Contact: Idan@bkr-yarel.co.il 


Our team includes accountants and interns who specialize in accounting, economics, tax consultation, internal audits, bookkeeping and payroll management. Members of our staff speaks Hebrew, English, French, Russian and German.
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